Homecoming Spirit Day 4: Cherry Blossom Day garners support from students by encouraging floral attire

Photo Credit: Tyler Antonio

To commemorate Homecoming’s “A Journey to the Far East” theme, students celebrated “Cherry Blossom Day” by wearing floral clothing and competing in lunch games on Oct. 15.

“I think Cherry Blossom Day was a success seeing all of the floral print and flowers. I loved how the day went without our theme for Homecoming,” Student Body P.A. Vice President Lindsey Zangler said. “I love being in charge of lunch games because it is a great way to get the student body pumped up for any event Student Council hosts.”

During both lunches, students participated in Balloon Games, challenging each other to a race while maintaining a balloon between their legs.

First lunch winners: Freshmen Ally Chan and Magdalene Macandog

Second Lunch winners: Juniors Seth Stevens and Ty Grega

“My friend and I participated in the lunch games together and it was a bonding experience because it was all about teamwork. I loved all of the games because it hypes you up for the Homecoming assembly and game,” junior Abigail Orozco said.

Due to persistent rainfall, the annual 2015 Homecoming Flag Football Game will be rescheduled to Oct. 23. To reserve time for the game, the school day will follow an adjusted bell schedule.

“I don’t really mind that it got rescheduled to next Friday. It’s pretty cool we get another modified schedule,” senior Colby Ceniza said.

Students can support their academies on Oct. 16 by wearing either the Professional or Design Academy’s respective colors, black and white.

“I think it’s cool that so many people dressed up to show their love for their academy. Even though it was PA vs. DA, the whole student body was sort of united because of the mutual love for the school,” junior Emjhay Morales said.