Clark County community leaders host youth town hall at Mayors Prayer Breakfast Eight students were chosen to attend

Asking the panel of mayors about the community's current conservation efforts, senior Jayla Hart questions the future for Clark County. During the Mayors Prayer Breakfast, students from all over Clark County were allowed to speak with community leaders and ask questions. “With so much development happening across Southern Nevada, I felt it important to know how water was being conserved for future generations," Hart said. "Even though we live in desert, we tend to forget that water isn’t infinite. At the town hall, I learned we are taking effective water conservation efforts and are actually helping those in Southern California learn how to maintain their water supply.” Photo Credit: Cassie Valdez

To allow youth to civically engage with community leaders, eight students went to Mayors Prayers Breakfast at the Texas Station where they could converse and eat breakfast with mayors, businessmen and community leaders.

“[The Interfaith Council of Southern Nevada] has been putting on [the Mayors Prayers Breakfast] for about 60 years now, and [students] were able to ask the mayors of Henderson, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Boulder City direct questions,” Student Council adviser Miriya Julian.

During the breakfast, an interfaith candle lighting ceremony was held by Imam Mujahid Ramadan and Rabbi Sanford Akselrad to honor variety of religions in the room and to recognize the importance of diversity in the community.

“I loved Mayors Prayers Breakfast because I didn’t even know it existed until Mrs. Julian invited me to go, so I was a little confused, but now that I’ve went I’d love to go again,” senior Alyssa Colligas. “It was really awesome and I thought it was cool that a lot of students are able to get involved with what’s going on in our community.”

Afterwards, the panel of Nevadan leaders was introduced by Clark County high school students, and each mayor read a prayer.

“I thought it was a great experience, getting to understand how every religion has encourages equality, how all the mayors respected, how we have a diverse education with different students around the valley of Las Vegas,” junior Ray Gallo said.

Former governor and senator of Nevada Richard Bryan presented a keynote address, encouraging students to become actively involved in their community. To end the event, a town hall was held for students to personally ask Clark County leaders questions.

“I found the speech very inspiring and helpful,” senior Briana Saldivar said. “[He] promoted unity, which is exactly what we need after a tragedy in our own backyard. Unity between races, ethnicities and religions. Also, it’s comforting to know that our mayors [and councilmen] are doing everything they can to help us recover and become a stronger city.

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