Class shirts on sale

Student Council is currently selling class shirts for a price of $12. Sweaters cost $28.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

SWCTA’s Student Council is currently selling junior, sophomore, and freshman class t-shirts/hoodies during both lunches. The t-shirts cost $12 and hoodies cost $28.

“Student council is selling the t-shirts and hoodies by the entrance of the lunchroom,” explains junior Gabrielle Jauregui. “There’s also samples of the clothes so that you can see what it looks like before you buy them.”

All class shirt designs were based on the class votes that were held during mentorship earlier in the school year. As students progress through their high school years, from freshman year to senior year, their class colors change and get darker as they transition to upperclassman.

“Color signifies the progression of the students,” states Mrs. Miriya Julian. “Freshmen start out with white because of their purity and seniors end with black.”

There will be sample displays of each classes apparel. Students will have knowledge of what the clothing looks like before they decide to make a purchase.

“The shirts don’t cost a lot and it’s a good way to show school spirit,” says student council member Randy Bae.

For more information, ask any student council member or Mrs. Julian before or after school. Presales may go on from Oct. 31 to Nov. 11.