Drama, D-100, every Monday
After Drama Club came in first place at the Lip Sync Battle, their focus has now shifted to prepare for other minor activities before the school year ends.

“Currently we have been working on collaborating with BSU to eventually be able to participate in an upcoming poetry slam,” junior Kendall Cain said. “I think that this interactive event is going to be really fun to perform in because I’ve heard a lot of the other monologues and their dramatic acting has really improved since the beginning of the year.”

Additionally, members have begun to brainstorm ideas for a play.  The idea for the play is based around both Candy Land and Clue. The root of the play is to take the characters from Candy Land and incorporate it into a murder mystery play.

“I think that this is a really cool idea that we as a club came up with,” junior Draven Zindle said. “It is going to be very interesting to perform a play that mixes up two different board games together that have absolutely nothing in common.”

DECA, Library, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
Closing up after the recent state competition, DECA is now planning for their end of the year banquet.

“The end of year banquet is basically a social that allows us to bond and help everyone communicate with the other members as a last goodbye for the year,” sophomore Camille Wright said.

Officers have already been selected for the next school year and they also have started training for their respective positions.

“At first I didn’t know what this club was going to consist of or how I was going to handle it,” DECA adviser Ms. Catherine Viggato said. “However, I have fallen in love with this club and I think that this year was a great year for all of us combined. It will be fun to wrap up the year with this banquet.”

FIDM, E-126, 1st and 3rd Thursdays
Students in FIDM have currently been working on finishing up their last project which consisted of making scrunchies from scratch and helping to prepare for the upcoming fashion show as well. The scrunchies are custom made and are available to pre-order.  

“Our FIDM president decided that scrunchies are currently really trendy and they are unique,” advisory Nicole Carlson said. “The money raised from the scrunchies is going to our senior fashion show. All of the decor, photos and business cards will be paid for using the money raised.”

Also, FIDM members are helping create accessories for the fashion show models.

“I wanted two decorations of paper flowers because I have a lot on my wall because they give off a really cool vibe and they are way cheaper than real flowers,” Carlson said. “We are able to customize them by making them as big as we want and adding to the depth perception to make them look classy and creative. They are really time consuming and to speed up the process we decided to have members make them.”