Club Preview: A look into the week of Jan. 27



Grinesa Bajrami

FBLA, B-210, 2nd and 4th Tuesday

After learning about the potential competition categories, FBLA members will choose their competitive category for state. 

“I am really excited to bring these freshmen to state,” FBLA President April Valdez said. “There are so many members that are really excited and dedicated, so I feel like they’re all going to do well at state.”

All members will be required to log their studying for their competitive category. Members will also periodically given tests to prepare.

“I feel like I’m going to do good compared to last year,” Valdez said. “I am competing in the same category, graphic design, so I am comfortable. Last year was my first competition so I wasn’t prepared, but this year I know what I’m doing.” 

FCCLA, D-116, 2nd and 4th Tuesday

Beginning their construction, FCCLA members create their garments for state.

“A lot of people just started their lines, so everyone’s really focused right now since our competition is in March,” FCCLA Historian Cyncir Pollard said. “I think everyone is doing really well and everyone is focused, so it should be a good year.”

All members are required to make one outfit. Members competing in Fashion Design will have to think of a line, but only create one garment. Other members competing in Fashion Construction will have to make an outfit using someone else’s patterns.

“My outfit is going really well so far [because] I know what I want to do this year,” Pollard said. “This year, I am manifesting that I am getting a gold, I am putting it out into the world. I have a vision, so nothing should be going bad.”

SkillsUSA, Ballroom or C-126, 1st and 3rd Thursday

Like many other clubs, SkillsUSA members will also be practicing for their state competition in March.

“Everyone did pretty well on their test,” SkillsUSA member Will Grube said. “I think everyone will do well at state, because they are already showing promise, so early in the year.”

Last meeting, a practice test was given to prepare members. At the next meeting, board members will be going over the answers. 

“I am extremely confident this year,” Grube said. “Every year I have gotten close to placing, so since I have so much practice under my belt, I am sure I’ll place this year. My goal is first, but I’m fine getting anywhere in the top three.”