Club Preview: A look into the week of Oct. 14 FCCLA, Poly Club, DECA


Grinesa Bajrami

FCCLA, 2nd and 4th Tuesday, D-116

Since meeting their goal for the pizza fundraiser, FCCLA will be focusing on their state competitions. 

“I think this year is a better year than the previous ones because [the board] came into it with a fully realized vision of what we want,” senior Cyncir Pollard said. 

Each member of the club picked the two events they will be participating in at state. 

“I am most excited to see how everyone’s skills have improved since last time, especially my own,” Pollard said. “I always try to compete with myself, but I feel like in previous years I wasn’t where I wanted to be or where I should have been.” 

Poly Club, Every Thursday, C-100 

After their Homecoming halftime show performance, Poly Club will be choreographing a new dance. 

“This year our group is smaller and that means more time to get to know my girls, we will be having better costumes and maintaining the ohana aspect in our club,” Poly Club President Ghyanni Ferraer said. 

The new dance will be performed at future assemblies and events. 

“I am excited to get closer to my girls,” Ferraer said. “It is my last year as president so I want to spend every single moment getting to know them and doing fun activities as an ohana.” 

DECA, 2nd and 4th Tuesday, Library

To welcome new and old members, DECA will be hosting their annual installation banquet, where they will eat and play games. 

“I’m excited to see the members excited for the year and the games,” DECA President Jocelyn Miller said. “It’s a good way to get the spirits up for old members and welcome new members.” 

Although the banquet is their current priority, DECA has also been preparing for the tournament by playing games. 

“A lot of people are also excited for the tournament we compete in in February,” Miller said. “We played a game of jeopardy to give the members a general feel for the type of questions on the test at the tournament.”