Collaboration with HELP, SOCKTOBER event to encourage donations for homeless teenagers

To benefit HELP of Southern Nevada and their upcoming facility for homeless teenagers, Student Council initiated the charity event, SOCKTOBER, in which students and faculty donated 1, 297 pairs of socks from Oct. 19 – 29.

“This is the first year we’ve ever done Socktober, and we wanted to benefit our local community and make an impact,” Student Council Adviser Mrs. Miriya Julian said. “Our community service committee chair, Lauren Petrosky, helped devise the plan, prices, and the whole 7th period competition.

As an incentive to compel students to contribute, the winning 7th period class would receive a pizza and dessert party courtesy of Student Council. After collecting the most socks, Mrs. Shannon Sheldon and her class will be awarded the party.

“Although my class did not win, I’m more concerned about how much we contributed,” senior Eric Lei said. “Knowing that we are progressively helping those in need is a much more satisfying feeling.”

1st Place Mrs. Shannon Sheldon 11.5 Pairs Per Student
2nd Place Mrs. Kristin Landau 9 Pairs Per Student
3rd Place Mrs. Lauren Petrosky 7.1 Pairs Per Student

To extend their campaign of helping the homeless, HELP will build another youth center in the upcoming year. As a shelter similar to the original Shannon West Homeless Youth Center, the new facility will assist residents by developing their education, employment, social and life skills to reach self-sufficiency, collaborating with other businesses to provide resources.

“It is a homeless shelter just for teens, so it caters to getting them to school, nutrition, and specific issues to being a teenager,” Julian said. “This is a brand new opportunity through HELP of Southern Nevada.”

After collecting the socks, HELP will distribute them to the homeless outreach program at Calvary Chapel Spring Valley and Mike Smith’s non-profit organization, Skate for Change.

“After seeing the success of this Socktober, I hope we have more charity events throughout the year,” senior Earl Buenaflor said. “As a united school, we were able to achieve so much by helping others that I want to see us expand and reach out for other opportunities.”

For more information on Socktober, visit here.