Community partners to join students for mock interview event Representatives from various industries will interview students

To prepare students for Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) events and job interviews, Community Partnership Coordinator Craig Statucki is organzing the first mock interview event for March 4.

“To prepare for HOSA state, I plan to participate in the mock interview,” HOSA Historian Kris Medina said. “Last year, we didn’t do too well on the public speaking aspect of our category, so we want to improve upon that this year.”

In order to simulate an environment for students to practice the interview process, Statucki recruited 10-15 community partners from an extensive range of industries. After signing into their SWCTA Google accounts, students may register for the event here.

“We have people from the school district, one of the car dealerships and a fashion store that’s coming,” Statucki said. “We’ve invited Station Casinos, and we’re just waiting because they’re trying to get their HR (Human Resources) person to do it. Regardless of which program area that our partners are in, there will be more generic interviews that you would typically see for jobs.”

Students of all grade levels are eligible to participate if they are registered members of a CTSO. The event will take place from 9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. in the Coyote Ballroom.

“Generally, my target audience is seniors because they’re most likely looking for jobs,” Statucki said. “We opened it up to the CTSOs because so many of them have job interview categories to compete in, but also because they do so much public speaking. Speaking to strangers is a good opportunity to practice presenting and meeting with people.”

After the interview process, the community partners will rate the performance of each candidate. Students may then retrieve their feedback from Statucki.

“It’s possible [for them to have different sets of questions],” Statucki said. “I asked the employers to bring their own general stance because I didn’t want to provide a list and have students memorize what the 10 questions are. I want the employers to ask what they would typically ask in their interviews because the industries, partners and businesses are different.”

Originally, Hospitality instructor Chef Linda Burns suggested the idea last year for students enrolled in the Hospitality Travel and Tourism program.

“I still plan to go to the interview event so I can prepare for an upcoming job interview,” senior Izeah Guiao said. “I also like how we will get multiple interviews because it gives us more experience and a broader perspective on how to approach an interview.”