Concrete lunch tables moved due to student request

Due to student requests, administration moved the concrete lunch tables from the quad to the shaded area in front of the cafeteria on Sept. 10 during count day.

“We listened to students and realized the need for more shaded eating areas,” Assistant Principal Trish Taylor said.

In order to lift the trash can and concrete tables, Dean Sherrae Nelson contacted the Operating Engineers Union to transport the objects with professional machinery.

“The Operating Engineers Union train people to be forklift drivers and this was an opportunity for one of their students to practice what they are learning in a real situation,” Nelson said.

The student engineer moved 10 tables and one trash can in approximately 45 minutes.

“Moving the concrete tables was such a good idea since it’s really hot outside, and now my friends and I will have shade when we eat lunch,” junior Nick Tan said.

In addition, administration also purchased eight new copper sun shades.

“It’s nice that the new lunch tables have the shade over them since the concrete ones didn’t have one at all,” sophomore Christian Talaro said.