Core subjects collaborate in narrative PBL Project inspired by historical fiction

Starting this week, English and U.S. History juniors are working together to take part in a PBL that exercises skills learned from both classes. The objective of the project is to create a fictional multi-part story based on a U.S. History event while using the skills they learned this semester. 

“I am looking forward to coming together with my peers and being able to work together,” junior Trina Lehner said. “I think this is a better way of learning something new because it is helping us learn new things in both of our classes. I’m going use time management skills I have and make sure that everything is done ahead of time so I won’t be rushing last minute.” 

The students had to pick their groups and their topic before Winter Break began. The only requirement was that they had to choose a topic that was previously discussed in class. Once they chose their topic, they then began to create a cast of characters and a historically accurate plot. 

“Throughout the project, we [teachers] are going to be talking and making sure we are on the same page in regards to the standards that are being held and about how we are going to check up on the students,” English teacher Robert Davis said.

Davis thought of the idea during Fall Break and began constructing a plan with the other teachers. This is the first time the project has ever been done so it is expected by the teachers that there will be some trial and error.

“One day my wife was talking about how we need to teach more about historical fiction and it got me thinking about how I can incorporate that into what I was teaching, ” Davis said. “It is important to write Historical fiction because it is not often taught and I think it is overlooked too often.”

During the project, teachers are trying to expand upon what students have already learned and ensured they are knowledgeable about their topic. The topic of historical fiction is one that many students have not focused on, and teachers hope to get students interested in it.

“I think the skills that I am going to gain are going to be in my writing abilities, my knowledge on history, and my effort with the teamwork part of the PBL,” junior Rebekah Chang said. “This will make me a better student because I will practice these main aspects and apply it to when I am in college or at work.”

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