Senior credit checks begin, deficiencies addressed Counselors update students on graduation progress

Lead Counselor Brian Lindemuth completes schedule checks on his computer. Throughout last week, counselors arranged meetings with seniors during government classes for a progress check. “The students who walk in, they’re credit deficient and not qualified for graduation,” Lindemuth said. “In order to get them on track for graduation, we enroll them in credit retrieval." Photo Credit: Shareen Basyari

To ensure that seniors are on track to meeting their graduation requirements, counselors have begun consulting with students to alert them of any deficiencies.

“Students will not graduate if they don’t have enough credits,” Lead Counselor Brian Lindemuth said. “It is incredibly important for those students to retrieve those credits right away because they are not on track for graduation, meaning they will not walk [at the ceremony].”

At the conclusion of junior year, counselors alerted rising seniors of their options to complete any credits they lost due to failing a class. These options included on-site APEX credit retrieval, as well as traditional summer school at a site of their choosing.

“I wanted to have two electives,” senior Simon d’Elia said. “Credit retrieval would’ve been another class on my schedule, and I would’ve only had one elective instead.”

For those not on track to graduate, counselors are enrolling those students in APEX–an online program where students can retake their previous failed courses during the school year.

“Students attend the class period once every other day, but they also have the ability to go home and work on the computer whenever they want,” Lindemuth said.

Seniors must have 22 ½ credits by the end of the year. Some missing credits can be obtained before the end of first semester, allowing them to walk at the graduation ceremony.

“Sometimes students don’t treat the period as an actual class and don’t take it seriously, so instead they decide to do work for other classes,” Lindemuth said. “They don’t go home to do their work, either.”

If students do not pass their APEX courses, they will not be able to graduate on-time, which includes walking at the graduation ceremony.

“Seniors in credit retrieval want to graduate, we all do, but some won’t put in the effort,” senior Francesca Ngo said. “They’ll complain and throw a fit when they can’t walk at graduation, but it’ll be all on them.”

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