Counselors perform credit checks with seniors Diploma, missing credits, college admissions discussed

To ensure seniors are on track for graduation, counselors visited with students during their English class to review the credits they have accumulated during high school.

“The purpose of the credit checks is so students are informed on what diploma they’re on track for, if they’re missing any classes for graduation and if they’re on track for the Millennium scholarship and admission into college,” lead counselor Paige DeSantis said.

Counselor also notified students of missing credits or failed proficiency exams.

“If a student is behind or not on track and missing something, we typically put them in a credit retrieval class online,” DeSantis said. “Students don’t have to pay for it because it’s done through our campus, and we usually pull them out of an elective class if they choose to do it here with us.”

Absent students will be called down to their counselor’s office later in the week. If a student has not met with their counselor, they should make an appointment in the front office. Seniors can find who their counselor is on the school’s website.

“This current credit check was very different than the others credit checks,” senior Abigail Orozco said. “The counselor talked to me not only about what diploma I’m set for, but she also talked to me about college. It was then that it hit me that I was graduating this year. It acted more as a reality check and prepared me for graduation.”

Next week, counselors will start meeting with underclassmen to provide their results on the PSAT and discuss the upcoming ACT, diploma options, college admissions and course selection information. In the spring, students will choose their classes for the next school year.

“In March, we will meet with all the other grade levels and do a quick review to inform them if they’re missing anything, but typically the main focus at that time is picking classes for the upcoming school year,” DeSantis said.

Later in the school year, seniors will meet with office staff to make final adjustments for graduation regarding how they want their name printed on their diploma, if they will participate in graduation and if they’ve ordered their cap and gown.

“I’m on the right track for graduation, and it turns out my GPA is higher than I thought,” senior Samantha Cain said. “I think I’m on the right track towards the Millennium scholarship, too.”