Coyote Games will range from dodgeball to field day events Teams are first-come, first-serve

Freshmen Patrick Fores and Aaron Pajimula set up games to be played during the week of Coyote Games. Teams who participate in the Coyote games can win extra points if they win the lunch games. "I am really excited to see how the turnout will be and to play the lunch games," Pajimula said. Photo Credit: Sofia Islam

To continue with a spring competitive event, Student Council will be hosting the second annual Coyote Games from March 20-24.

“Our school has always had the tradition of having competitive events and it has transitioned over the years,” senior Demitri Bannoura said. “In the past we had Battle of the Sexes, but now we have the Coyote Games.”

Each team will consist of six members with an option of two substitutes that can participate. The substitutes cannot be on multiple teams.

“There is only a limited amount of space for the number of teams we can have,” junior Lauren Grayson said. “The first teams who show up with their paper work completed can enter.”

Team captains and three members from each team must attend the informational meeting on March 16 in the Coyote Ballroom.

“At the informational meeting we will be explaining the rules and the handout sheets for all the games,” junior Lauren Petrosky said. “Everyone must understand that they need to show good sportsmanship throughout the week and to be responsible. Teams can earn extra points by showing good teamwork and even by participating in lunch games.”

Similar to the past Coyote Olympic schedule, each day will consist of a different event for teams to participate in. The schedule is as follows:

Monday: Dodgeball (Gym)

Tuesday: Kickball/Volleyball (Gym)

Wednesday: N/A (Teacher meeting)

Thursday: Field day event (Field)

Friday: Assembly day

“It is my first time participating in the games, which is really exciting,” junior Shelbi Watson said. “I am most excited about the field day games because it will remind me of memories back in elementary school.”

All students who wish to participate must turn in a sign up form and each team must pay $15 to the banker. Paper work and materials must be turned in to D-105 no later than March 13.

“I think that the Coyote Games will turn out great this year since I have heard a lot of positive comments from students,” Grayson said. “I will help during the lunch games of Coyote Game week, so I am excited to see students participate in the challenges to get extra points for their team.”

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