Coyote of the Quarter awards given for first time Students, teachers recognized for their hard work

To announce the first recipients of the Coyote of the Quarter, English teacher Jackie Stroup and Fashion Design teacher Shannon Sheldon went room to room, singing a song to each winner on Friday, Dec. 9. The recipients were chosen to recognize the various ways they show their dedication to school.

“The Coyote of the Quarter is a new recognition program initiated by the School Climate Committee to award both students and teachers for their hard work,” Sheldon said.

This program is intended to reward not just students who have straight A’s or perfect attendance, but also those who work hard and have been recognized for their good citizenship. Teachers are also recognized for their efforts to engage students and elevate the classroom environment. 

“The reason why the teachers were included with the Coyote of the Quarter is because teachers also play a critical role of the everyday activities here at school,” Sheldon said. 

Terry Lively (DA) Tom Rizzo (Electives) Dennis Goode (Science)
Elaina Nelson (Social Studies) Bryce Wada (Math) Ruben Munoz (PA)
Samantha Yoder (English) Christian Tran (Electives) Sue Gonzalez (Support staff)
Joey Perez (Math) Kathryn Haiduck (Science) Raniel Reyes (DA)
Sebastian Gutierrez (English) Samantha Cane (Social Studies)  Chloe Valdez (PA)

One of the recipients, science teacher Mr. Dennis Goode, believes that he won the award due to the enthusiasm he puts into his teaching.

“I enjoy teaching all of these students day in and day out,” Goode said. “It makes me happy that I get rewarded for doing what I enjoy.”

The next time the Coyote of the Quarter will be announced is in March, at the end of the third quarter.

“Hopefully, with the help of the school climate committee, we can make all coyotes feel valued each day when they come to school,” Sheldon said.

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