Culinary sells dinner rolls for Thanksgiving season Last day to purchase is Nov. 16

Starting on Wednesday, Nov. 2, Culinary students will begin selling dinner rolls. Because dinner rolls were popular during the Thanksgiving season in previous years, it is an opportunity to raise funds for the Culinary program.

“We have a lot of faculty members and a lot of students that have already requested buying rolls, because they want to avoid the long lines at the store but also get freshly done dinner rolls,” Chef Rubin Munoz said.

The idea came from another CTE school that has been selling dinner rolls for eight to nine years.

“A lot of the faculty that we have here and students that have transferred brought the idea to Culinary because it’s a big sale during November,” Munoz said. “Also, last year the other chef that was here began the event, and it was very successful.”

In bags of a dozen and half dozen, students will be able to purchase the rolls during lunch or after school. Administration will not allow students to leave during class to buy the bread.

“The cost of the bread will probably around $5 for a dozen and $2.50-$2.75 for a half dozen,” Munoz said. “I’m currently still working on the cost so it will be more or less, but that’s what we’re looking at right now.”

Unlike previous years, different types of dinner rolls will be offered—both a plain dinner roll and a garlic based dinner roll.

“When I bought bread last year, my sister told me she liked it, so I brought it to my mom, too,” junior Caitlin Tipon said. “She told me to buy more of the bread, so she could make sandwiches at home.”

This experience allows Culinary students to practice their baking skills along with marketing and selling.

“I think it’s pretty cool that Culinary is selling bread,” freshman Ghulianny Ferraer said. “I’m excited because I’ve never tried it before so I’d like to see how it tastes and buy it.”

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