Dental students create parody music videos Songs must be at least three minutes long

Encouraging creative thinking, Dental program teacher Dr. Michael Georges assigned juniors and seniors to create song parodies that reflect the content they’ve learned so far.

“I know music videos are very popular with the kids,” Georges said. “I tried to pick something like a music video that they’d be interested in doing to make it more fun.”

In groups of three or four, students have the options of filming a music video or performing live in front of the class. Before lyrics can be rewritten, song choices must be approved first. 

“The easiest part of this whole process is just filming and acting out the scenes,” senior Regina Gojar said. “The hardest is definitely choosing a song that’s easy enough to make lyrics for and making the song work in itself.”

As long as songs are dental related and school appropriate, students may create anything they can imagine. After writing lyrics of their own, students are allowed film scenes for their music video in the clinic and on their own time.

“I made a music video like this before for one of my previous medical classes,” junior Jaslyn Hak said. “At that time it was about skeletons so every time I got a test about the skeleton I’d just sing the song to remember it. I’m pretty sure when I’m done with this video I’ll remember all the lyrics whenever I’m asked about the teeth or any part of dentistry.”

Presentations will begin on Feb. 8.

“I’m usually a shy person so I don’t really like presenting at all,” Hak said. “But I think it’s going to be fun anyways because we’re all here doing the same thing so no one should be ashamed of their videos. I’m feeling pretty good about presenting them.”

This will be Georges’ fifth time assigning this project for his students.

“It stimulates creativity when you guys have to change the lyrics,” Georges said. It really helps the students think about the terms they’re using and if it’s in the proper context.”

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