Dental students dye plaque pink

Ashley Chang (‘13) tests Mr. Jeffrey Ball’s teeth for plaque so he can be aware of his problem areas.
Photo Credit: Marina Triplett

On Nov. 30, 2011, junior Dental Assisting students participated in a lab focusing on proper teeth cleaning.  Students are currently learning the correct way to prevent cavities.

“This lab made me realize what teeth I have been neglecting,” comments junior Yodit Atsbeha.

After thoroughly brushing their teeth, students chewed on a disclosing tablet making all plaque on their teeth visible.  Partners took turns examining each other and helping the others to find the plaque.  Having partners was an educational way for the students to practice looking in patients’ mouths for their future careers in Dentistry.

“It was kind of embarrassing at first and I didn’t know what to expect, but it turned out everyone had a little plaque.  My teeth were cleaner than I thought they were going to be,” explains junior Madison Jackson.

These techniques will be used when completing their spring PBL. Dental Assisting juniors will teach elementary school students how to brush their teeth correctly.