Donald Trump elected as 45th U.S. President; recreational marijuana initiative passed Nevada fuel taxes go up; more road construction ahead

Last night, Donald J. Trump was elected to become the 45th president of the United States. Trump ended the night with 276 electoral votes while Hillary Clinton had 218 electoral votes.

“America is going to go down the drain for at least the next four years, maybe even eight,” junior Victor Vargas said. “He told us that he wants to fix all these issues, but never gave a plan on how he is going to do it. I think that his actions may lead us to World War III.”

Nevada’s six electoral votes for president went to Hillary Clinton. As for the House of Representatives, Dina Titus (D), Mark Amodei (R), Jacky Rosen (D) and Ruben Kihuen (D) were elected.

“I didn’t really follow the election because I don’t really care who won or not,” sophomore Alexandra Machado said. “I believe everyone has their own opinions and views on who is going to be better for this country. Whoever is elected president should try their hardest to better improve the country.”

As for the Nevada state senate, Catherine Cortez Masto (D) is to be the Nevada representative for the U.S. Senate. She beat her closest opponent, Joe Heck (R), by 2%. Cortez Masto is the first Latino woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

“Since I am a Latina, I think that Catherine Cortez Masto is setting a good example for the Latino community,” junior Elisa Bustamante said. “It makes me happy knowing that she is going to set an example for the future generation of Latino kids that anything is possible. We need to make higher authorities like the senate a little more diverse and she did just that.”

At a local level, Nevada voted yes to firmer background checks on people buying guns from licensed gun dealers and they also voted to legalize recreational marijuana. 

“I won’t feel safer with firmer background checks,” freshman Dane Jenkins said. “If people were able to find ways around the background checks already in place, then I’m sure they’ll find ways around this law as well.”

The ballot also included a fuel tax hike measure. The law will be adding 3.6 cent tax per gallon on gas in order to raise $3 billion for local road construction.

“The increase of fuel tax to improve roads will definitely impact my spending,” senior Chriselle Lee said. “I need to make sure I stay within a new budget, but it will be for a better community to grow up in.”

The two other ballot measures included exempting a tax on some home medical equipment and establishing a competitive energy market in Nevada.

I feel that the presidential announcement may endanger my family, my friends and myself,” senior Kylavel Carlos said. “A lot of Trump’s rhetoric has incited fear that targets and demonizes minority groups, and his election reflects the shared sentiment among the majority of the American people. With everything that happened in his campaign, I’m afraid that people will feel validated in their beliefs — that it’s okay to sexually assault women, that’s it’s okay to exclude a large group of people for their religious beliefs — and act on them.”

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