Dungeons and Dragons Club latest club to form First meeting is tomorrow

Centered around a tabletop role-play game set in an imaginary world, the Dungeons and Dragons Club (D&D) has been created by sophomore Elliot Raeder because there were no similar clubs including popular games.

“[The club] gives [students] a safe and fun environment to meet new people and go on adventures,” Raeder said.

The club will meet every first and third Thursday of each month from 1:30-3 p.m. in room E110. Students must get a permission slip signed by a parent or guardian since the game is rated ages 10 or older. Slips can be picked up from Raeder or  Chemistry teacher Christina Bousema.

“It could be an interesting experience to [play] a game that is so popular that I don’t know anything about,” sophomore Draven Zindle said.

In the D&D game, players begin by creating a character of a certain race, alignment and class. Once they are playing, they will roll a dice, following the number and moving their character. Players will then open their D&D handbook and read to see what environment they are in, then will switch turns.

“This club is significant to me because I am in love with role-play [games] and fantasy worlds,” Raeder said. “[My favorite part of the game is] experiencing others and your own creative stories.”

Members are required to pay a $20 fee that goes toward game-specific dice and a handbook. Fees are due after a student attends their third meeting.

“I feel like it will give students a creative outlet every other week, just an hour or so of fun to take your mind off [of] all the stress [from] school,” sophomore Ayame Faria said.

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