Engineering sophomores fix upperclassmen’s robots Students learn to use VEX Robotics to code

Screwing the wheel into place, sophomore Keegan Hall attempts to fix a previous students machine. Students in Principles of Engineering are working on a project creating or fixing robots. “It was pretty cool because I’ve never done anything like this before in this class,” Hall said. Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami

To further students’ knowledge in robotics, Automotive Technology and Engineering teacher Danny McElroy has assigned sophomores in Principles of Engineering to create robots using VEX Robotics.

“[My overall goal for the students] is to learn how to use sensors that they would use in the [actual engineering] industry,” McElroy said.

In groups of two or three, students must create their own machine or fix one that was created by last year’s sophomores. In order to complete this project, students must use their knowledge of robotics and coding.

“We were given a mostly previously made machine missing to fix and we [also] had to rewire the machine,” sophomore Raymond Vitela said.

McElroy assigned this project following the Project Lead the Way curriculum that Engineering students use. They will use VEX Robotics to code their robots and make their machines move parts or turn LED lights on.

“I think that it will better my understanding into how simple robots and how to make machine to do something entering a code,” sophomore Ian Watson said.

After they complete this project, they will be will be continuing with VEX Robotics, but to complete more complicated tasks, such as counting candy..

“The VEX project is pretty cool [because] you get to fiddle around with robotics and you get to code them, so I think that’s interesting in the day and age,” sophomore Justin Casuga said.

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