English 101 classes created analysis presentations Students were assigned times to present throughout the week

After creating their presentation, seniors Charlyne Balagtas and Elizabeth Quezada present their two chapters to the class. The students were given around two weeks to complete the presentation. "This presentation helped me focus on the chapters as well as be able to analyze them," Balagtas said. "It cut down on the overwhelming feeling of analyzing the whole book."

In order to gain a deeper understanding of the novel “The House on Mango Street,” seniors in the Jumpstart English Composition class created presentations based off their assigned chapters.

“One of the things I would change about the project is I would put a sentence limit on the presentations,” senior Gabriel Brito said. “The presentations were like 30 minutes long and the chapters weren’t long enough for that.”

Students were given around a week to prepare the presentation and were given specific instructions on what to include in the PowerPoint.

“One of the most enjoyable parts about the project was being able to analyze a simple book and find a deeper meaning to it,” senior Sarah Jean Caoile said. “Some of the things that we got to analyze was sexual abuse, abusive relationships and mistaking materialistic things for happiness.”

The purpose of the presentation was to challenge students to use the “Iceberg Theory” (created by Hemingway, it is the theory that there is a deeper meaning to text other than “what is stated”) so that they could find the “bigger” meaning to the short and simple chapters in the book.

“Prezi was just an example of one of the presentation softwares that the students could use,” English teacher Cynthia Bailin said. “The students were free to use whatever presentation software that they wanted. I just wanted to give the students an idea of the different tools they can use to make the presentation.”

Bailin plans on assigning the project in the future because it helps students find the deeper meaning in literature that may seem simple on the outside.

“This project is something that I have been doing for many years,” Bailin said. “I think it helps students analyze a couple of the chapters and helps them feel invested in the understanding of the novel.”

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