Entertainment Engineering students build guitars

IMG_8127The junior Entertainment Engineering students have begun working on their guitar PBL projects. Students will be creating their own guitars to learn the necessary skills that will be used in the engineering field.

“Designing the guitars last year helped me gain the necessary skills to advance in college, and be successful,” comments senior Zach Hollander.

Each student is required to brainstorm the design of their framework, measure wood pieces, paint the finishing design, and ensure that the instrument is playable. Building this instrument teaches students the fundamentals of woodworking tools, automation skills, and increases experience with the latest technological innovations.

“This project helps students learn about STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] all at once. It’s not just about making a guitar, but rather teaching students about fabrication, science, and the use of math skills in order to get their project done right,” says Entertainment Engineering program leader Mr. Angelo Pappano.

Along with constructing their own guitars, students must also prepare a video of themselves using their guitar and explaining how it works.

“This project was helpful for me because it taught me to be meticulous, and how to calculate the proper size of various materials like the strings and wood,” states senior Trevor Dawson.

The goal for completion of all 50 guitars is before student’s leave for Winter Break.

If you’re interested in the progress of the guitar project, you can visit www.swcta.net/engineering, or follow them on Twitter at Twitter.com/seedlv. You can also view step-by-step guitar tutorials on youtube.com/seedlv.