Faculty members inspire Graphic Design I posters This is the first year that Ball has done this project

As they sketch out their designs, sophomores Lindsay Carlos and Sean Fajardo prepare their outlines to show one another. Before working with faculty, students worked to create a design for one of their classmates. "The project gives us an oppurtunity to practice working with a client," Carlos said. "I was fortunate that I got one of the teachers I wanted in the first place. It's really fun working with them, especially when I found out somethings the I would have never known about them." Photo Credit: Alyx Beeten

To help students work on their abilities to design with someone else in mind, Graphic Design I students are creating a personalized poster for a faculty member.

“I am having my students work on creating a personalized poster for each of our staff members,” Graphic Design teacher Jeffrey Ball said. “This is to help represent what they are as a teacher, who they are as a person and hopefully emphasize our school motto.”

Each student was required to pick a different faculty member. Students interviewed their chosen faculty member to get a better understanding of what they wanted on their design. 

“I think that this project is useful because I get to work with new design tools that can help later on in my program,” sophomore Alexis Cline said.

Some students asked what their chosen faculty member likes to do outside of school and what they would like to see on their poster. They also tried to emphasize the faculty’s role in the school motto, creating posters through Adobe Illustrator.

“I am very excited [for my poster] because someone is taking the time to get to know me personally,” Chemistry teacher Christina Bousema said. “[The student] asked me about my specific teaching style and my passions. It’s cool they are taking the time to get to know me and put it into a compact form.”

The Graphic Design students started the project earlier this month and have until Dec. 15 to finish their designs. The projects will be presented in class.

“I think it’s beneficial to the students so they can get to know the [faculty] members, get to advance their skills with design work,” Ball said. “It is also beneficial to the teachers because they are receiving something in return from the students.”

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