Fashion I students produce clothing materials for Africa Materials will be shipped to the children in June

Sophomore Mia Brewer sorts through the pile of hand-made shorts that will be sent to Africa in June. She has helped make six dresses in the past two months. "Just the act of servicing Africa and realizing how one small person can help other people in such a big way is just so amazing," Brewer said.
Photo Credit: Jen Chiang

On March 30, Mrs. Shannon Sheldon ‘s Fashion I students were introduced a service learning project in which they had to produce clothing materials to ship to Africa. The students will conclude this project by the time they take their final examination for the course in June.

“It feels good to know that I’m contributing to a greater cause and learning how to make a dress. I feel like I’ve gained a skill that will be helpful in the future,” sophomore Chelsea Fajardo said.

Currently, the students have produced approximately 30 shorts and dresses to donate to the African boys and girls. The fabric and materials needed to make these items were either donated or purchased.

“I just started on my dress for Africa and I’m finding it difficult to cut through the fabric that I chose to make it with. I just hope that it will come out great for the African girl that will wear this,” sophomore Kayla Aumentado said.

Although Sheldon had participated in this service project in the past, this is the first academic year that her students have participated since she started teaching at SWCTA in 2013.

“The students already knew how to hem and other tasks so I taught them how to use an advanced sewing machine that makes your clothing look more professional and apply a more advanced binding technique to their clothing materials,” Sheldon said.

In addition, the fashion program will be donating the shorts and dresses to the Little Dresses for Africa organization.

“I hope they realize the skills that they have are a gift that they can use to better themselves and their family. They’ll always be able to repair their clothing and clothe their family and others. I’m hoping that the time they’ve spent with me has been valuable,” Sheldon said.