Fashion/Interior club recognized by Fashion Institute

FIDM club is for students interested in fashion merchandising and interior design. SWCTA was recognized as the first club to focus on FIDM in America.
Photo Credit: FIDM

The first Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising club is in the process of being sanctioned at SWCTA.

“Interior club is beneficial to those who want to experience the career of an interior designer without leaving their chosen major,” says sophomore Nikko Alcaraz.

This fall, Sirat invited an FIDM representative to her classes to discuss starting a Fashion Club on campus. Many students liked this idea, so Sirat applied for two FIDM sponsored Fashion Clubs, one for the Interior Design Program and another for the Fashion Design Program.

Since that meeting, their FIDM Fashion Club Business Plan was reviewed by the FIDM Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, CA and accepted to be the first Interior Design Club focused on FIDM in the US.

They will now present this club proposal before the SWCTA Student Council in order to become “official.” The club will then be known as SWCTA FIDM Interior Design Club.

“I think it’s an honor that SWCTA has the opportunity to be the first official Interior Design Club. Being in a club like this definitely serves to motivate our students, facilitate interaction between them, and help us know as students, the latest and greatest in interior design,” comments sophomore AhnaMia Maranon.

Having this club, as well as a fashion club, on campus allows for more exclusive scholarship opportunities for students, access to the members-only section of the FIDM Fashion Club website, and VIP seating to the annual Debut Fashion Show.

FIDM has over 20 majors with a goal of providing guidance to high school students in showcasing their talents’ within the fashion area programs.

“Although both Interior Design and Fashion are so interrelated, we are excited to have more opportunities available to our students at SWCTA, and to be the first Interior Design Focused club from FIDM is just so awesome!” exclaims Sirat.

Interested in being a member of the SWCTA FIDM Interior Design Club or Fashion Club, or have any questions regarding either club? If so, see Ms. Sirat in the D building before or after school for more information.