Final exams to be administered beginning May 24 Half-days will begin May 26

Final examinations for the second semester will be administered beginning May 24 to June 1. All buses are scheduled to leave at 10:47 a.m. and late buses will not be available/offered.

“I’ve been doing my best to review for my exams and pay attention in class,” senior Devun Mosses said. “The end of the year is coming quicker than I thought.”

Only seniors will be taking their exams for periods five and seven during their regularly scheduled class time on Wednesday.

“The fact that graduation is coming up is getting me through finals week and I honestly can’t wait,” senior Naod Haile said.

All students will be testing for their final exam on May 25 for periods two and four. Half-days will begin May 26.

Wed., May 25 Thurs., May 26 Tues., May 31 Wed.., June 1
7-8:40 a.m.: Period 2 7-8:45 a.m.: Period 1 7-8:45 a.m.: Period 6 7-8:45 a.m.: Period 5
8:50-10:30 a.m.” Period 4 8:55-10:40 a.m.: Period 3  8:55-10:40 a.m.: Period 8  8:55-10:40 a.m.: Period 7
10:30-11:15 a.m.: One lunch

11:20-12:20 p.m.: Period 6

12:25-1:25 p.m.: Period 8

12-1:45 p.m.: Make-up exams 12-1:45 p.m.: Make-up exams  12-1:45 p.m.: Make-up exams

Seniors will report to the gymnasium at 8 a.m. on June 1 for graduation practice. A completed check-out card will be required to receive a cap and gown.

“It’s really important that all seniors come to school on June 1 for practice and senior check-out,” Class of 2016 adviser Mrs. Laura Penrod said. “Seniors won’t be able to graduate or diploma until they get checked out.”