Fire sale for prom tickets starts Monday Tickets will be $50 for only two days

The "Elegant Affair" prom tickets will start at $50 each, but only for the two days of sale. Next week, juniors and seniors will be able to purchase their prom tickets two weeks before prom. "Despite how cliche it might seem, I think prom is one of the best nights for your high school experience," senior Jaesen Singkum said. Photo Credit: Maggie Shepard

From May 1-2, a fire sale will be held for students to purchase prom tickets during both lunches or before and after school. Prices start at $50 but will increase to $60 on Wednesday. At the door, tickets will cost $70.

“Preparing for prom is a lot of work,” sophomore Alexandra Nguyen said. “The search for a venue started in the Spring of 2016. To go along with the theme, decorations had to be found within the budget set and match according to the theme and likes of the Student Council junior class.”

With only juniors and seniors able to purchase a ticket, StuCo’s goal is to sell to as many upperclassmen as possible. The “Elegant Affair” themed prom will be held in the Silverton Veil Pavilion on May 13.

“It is going to be different because this prom venue is at a hotel,” Nguyen said. “It isn’t on the Strip so it is more convenient driving and traffic wise. This theme that was released is also very interesting because it relates to the new ‘Beauty and the Beast’ movie that just came out.”

Guest passes are available in Mrs. Miriya Julian’s room or Mrs. Sheila Petrosky’s room.

“I’m going to get a guess pass for my boyfriend because he doesn’t go to this school,” junior Moira Johnson said. “He’s important to me and I want to have this experience with him.”

Because the junior class is in charge of planning and coordinating, the Class of 2018 manages sales. The extra money raised will go towards their upcoming Senior Sunrise, Senior Sunset and Grad Night.

“Every prom is different because it’s different people planning it with a [variety] of preferences, goals and budgets,” junior Francisco Mandal said. “I just hope that this prom will be as close to our vision as possible. [Hopefully], this prom will get [students] excited to see what we can do with other dances next year.”

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