First fire drill deemed successful

As the fire alarm rings, students head outside to a safe area away from the building. Students and staff were required to calmly exit the building and wait for dismissal in their designated areas. Photo Credit: Joao Gomes

The first fire drill of the school year was held on Sept. 10 during fifth period after first lunch.

“[Mrs. Donna] Hatch was responsible for calling in the fire drill. The firemen entered her room and she acted appropriately,” Dean Sherrae Nelson said.

Health Science and Human Diseases teacher Mrs. Donna Hatch was required to call the front desk and announce that there was a fire drill.

“I respond to emergencies all the time since I am an advanced Respiratory Therapist, so emergencies are nothing new to me. Panicking is not an option in my field,” Hatch said.

The students exited the building in two minutes and all students and faculty were accounted for, deeming the first fire drill of the 2015-16 school year successful.

“I thought that everything went really smooth, especially for it being the first fire drill of the year,” junior Samrawit Misiker said.

Additionally, there is one drill each month rotating from fire, shelter-in-place and earthquake to test the school’s emergency preparedness plan.

“I’m glad that our school does a drill every month so that everyone knows what to do in case a real emergency occurs,” senior Kelly Bui said.