Food, field day games replace traditional HOSA sendoff Last chapter meeting held on the field

After playing kickball, members split into two teams to face off in tug-of-war. Food was passed out prior to the games; if members didn't want to play, they had the option of watching. "I think that playing sports and games at the last meeting was a great way to be active and bond with each other," junior Monica Ortiz said. Photo Credit: Cassie Valdez

Set up by club officers and their adviser Mrs. Vicki Smith, Health Occupations Students of America held their last chapter meeting on the field to celebrate their accomplishments. Instead of providing refreshments and snacks unlike previous years, HOSA decided to create a field day event for a final goodbye until next year.

“Since this is the last meeting to celebrate HOSA, it was revolved around promoting health and wellness of the community,” senior Abigail Orozco said. “As a board, we were able to plan the food and games beforehand for this meeting.”

Hot dogs, chips, drinks and ice cream were provided by the chapter. Snacks were brought in while the hot dogs were cooked at school.

“This is a chance for members to come together and enjoy the food at the end of the year,” senior Vanessa Concepcion said. “It was nice to have something that is not competition related.”

Students played games such as kickball, basketball, jump rope and tug-of-war to pass the time. Sign ups for the games were available during the previous HOSA meeting.

“I liked that we were able to have a bonding [event] after all we [accomplished] as a chapter,” junior Monica Ortiz said. “Sports are one of my favorite things, so I’m glad that it was incorporated in this last meeting.”

To fund the event, HOSA used money earned from past fundraisers and membership fees.

“HOSA is about bringing kids together and exposing them to new experiences, opportunities, friendships and community service opportunities,” Smith said. “The board planned to make it this event possible, and it was definitely successful.”

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