Fourth Coyote Congress to emphasize Coyote Olympics Spirit days to be decided on by student attendees

The fourth Coyote Congress meeting of the year will take place from 2-3 p.m on Friday, March 4 in the cafeteria.

“We always focus on the same things; we have club updates, program updates and officer updates, but the hot topic is the Coyote Olympics,” StuCo president Rachel Martinez said. “We’re going to consider the students’ suggestions and plan out spirit days for all five days that week.”

The meeting’s focus will be on publicizing the Coyote Olympics, finalizing spirit days and addressing general student concerns.

“We want to discuss how it’s coming up in the next two weeks,” StuCo Chair Committee Carlo Miciano said. “We’re going to focus the logistics of the Coyote Olympics and provide a general summary of what it is and what the activities will be.”

StuCo adviser Mariya Julian will be unable to attend the meeting on Friday. It will instead be supervised by one of the class advisers (Mr. Jared Ogden, Mrs. Laura Penrod, Mrs. Veronica Whiton, or Mr. Brian Lindemuth), as well as Martinez.

“The supervision will be provided by a class adviser, but it’s pretty much going to be me,” Martinez said. “Mrs. Julian is gone, so it’s my time to step up as president.”

Class meetings will be held immediately after Coyote Congress from 3-4 p.m.

“There actually is no Super Scrap this time,” StuCo Treasurer Vahina Li said. “Class meetings consist of informing specific classes of what activities are being planned for them or any events or fundraisers they may be hosting.”