Freshman Studies classes work on Homelessness PBL Students assemble care packages

With only three weeks, students in Freshman Studies are currently working on the third annual homelessness PBL. Mrs. Laura Penrod teaches students what being homeless is and then has them create care packages that will be donated to Child Haven.

“I originally did this project as a Spring PBL with all program areas and then I took a year off of the project,” Penrod said. “I then decided to do it on my own and reconfigure it so I started doing it again and it has now been three years consecutively.” 

For the duration of the project students will be creating a care package and a presentation for children, ages 6-12, who don’t have a guardian and are awaiting placement in foster care. Given free range of the theme and design of the care package, students are able to assemble them with food, toys and blankets.

“To go along with our holiday and Christmas theme, we decided to include things that you would have on a cold winter day,” freshman Grinesa Bajrami said. “We’re including a board game and some hot cocoa for the kids to play with and share.” 

During the project, documentation of the creation process needs to be taken to ensure that all of the students contributed. This documentation will take place through photos, videos or a time lapse. With the food and toys, directions need to be created so the child receiving the package will understand how to use it.

“This project is very educational and allows us to think of students other than ourselves,” freshman Sara Zerhouni said. 

On the 15 and 16 of December, students will present their care package to the class and show all the components that went into it.

“We’re doing a ‘Big Hero 6’ theme because we thought it was a fun idea for the kids,” freshman Amer Aldabagh said. “For our presentation we decided that we’re going to dress up as the characters and talk about our process of making the package.” 

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