Freshmen learn basic engineering skills

The motto of the Entertainment Engineering program hangs outside of the program area classroom. <br />Photo Credit: Tamara Navarro
The motto of the Entertainment Engineering program hangs outside of the program area classroom.
Photo Credit: Tamara Navarro

Freshmen Entertainment Engineering were inducted to the basics and fundamentals of what it takes to become a good engineer during their first week of school.

“To shed further light on engineering students, I would like to teach them how to problem solve, and how to use math and science skills to solve problems like an engineer. There will be a lot of guided problems and not too many single problems,” Entertainment Engineering teacher Mr. Angelo Pappano said.

He has been drilling the students on their engineering terminology, and even telling them to test one another.

“Every year I’m impressed which is great, because I set my standards high but they always break! What really surprises and impresses me is the growth of a student. I’ve had students that were terrible at a specific skill, but over the years they analyzed their faults and learned from it thus improving their own capabilities and growing,” Pappano said.

Pappano noticed his students had more practice and experience in designing solutions in the engineering process.

“I find the design process the most valuable. Also this formula for success is basically algebra for life, ‘Time + Effort = Quality.’ I know from the [freshmen] not all will become engineers but if they follow this, I know there will be thirty-four to thirty-five professionals [in a class]. That’s what I really hope for, that the students analyze problems, work hard, and are dedicated to their future careers,” Pappano said.

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Pappano will teach his students the foundation and morals of an engineer that can relate to the goals of other professional jobs. His schedule consists of lessons educating them on the design process and advising each student to put in time and effort into their program studies.

“I am not so much intimidated by this class anymore. Mr. Pappano says Entertainment Engineering classes will feel like strangers at first, but in the end we become a family. I believe that with time, we will all become family. As for the materials in the workshop area, I can’t wait to get my hands on everything,” freshman Elison Cahatol said.