‘Friday Feature’ added to Rout(e) 131 New segment will play after morning announcements

Preparing a video shoot for student council, seniors Lindsey Zangler and Althea Gevero get ready to film. The video showcased and represented the different clubs around campus. Photo Credit: Arielle Fernandez

To give students a creative outlet, Video Production teacher Tom Rizzo added a new segment to Rout(e) 131 called the Friday Feature, which started airing last week.

“I wanted the kids to have the opportunity to show off their creative skills, editing, and shooting rather than just the ability to put together a good news story if there was something like a mini film or just an interesting YouTube clip to display their work,” Rizzo said.

Rizzo was inspired by Class of 2015 graduate, Jay Jackson. He saw one of Jackson’s videos online and thought the concept would be an interesting edition to Rout(e) 131.

“My Friday Feature will be about fashion because I want to be able to show how students express themselves through their clothing choices,” sophomore Jennifer Shelley said.

The Outlook, a segment that features an event or place related to the student body, will continue to play each first Friday of the month. However, the Friday Feature will play on the remaining Fridays of the month.

“I think the Rout(e) 131 segment is refreshing because it allows students to show their creative side,” junior Grace Laudencia said. “It is also interesting to see how dedicated they are.”

For Video Production II, each student must complete five projects per quarter, whether they work by themselves or in a group. The Friday Feature will count for one project in a quarter.

“I really like the Friday Features.” Shelley said. “Since Video Production I, I’ve wanted to do something more creative, but we’ve mostly been doing news stories. This is the first time we get to be really creative.”

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