Future high schoolers explore career paths through school wide PBL Students have 40 minutes with each group of visitors to show skills learned

In preparation for a school wide PBL that is going to take place Monday, Dec. 5 and Tuesday, Dec. 6, current students will introduce elementary and middle schoolers to a variety of career choices. Students are creating activities, from how to perform CPR to the basics of building an app, to provide a hands-on experience to the guests. 

“It is a great opportunity for students at local schools to come and get a sense of not what program area they want to be in, but what careers they might want to go into,” Community Partnership Coordinator Craig Statucki said. 

Each program area by grade level is responsible for coming up with ideas to teach students about their program in different stations. For example, junior Nursing students will teach about wound care. The students will be in a program area for a maximum of 40 minutes, and will cycle through three programs throughout the day. 

“We are doing a website or application on any topic as long as it is innovative and new,” senior Kevin Camelo said. “I feel really happy about this topic as it allows Web Design seniors to create something that will possibly change the future.”

During the PBL, current students will exercise their ability to demonstrate hands-on activities to the guests.

“When you are trying to explain things to people of a younger age, you kind of have to change your mindset,” Statucki said. “For example, a nursing student may use medical terminology to their peers but when it comes to younger students, you know have to turn your knowledge into something younger students will be able to understand.” 

The PBL was inspired by the concept of a children’s museum, in which guests rotate through different interactive learning stations as they move through the “museum.”

“I’m really looking forward to helping kids learn and teaching them what I’ve learned over the past four years,” senior Hassan Bhatti said. “Also, it’s nice to take a break from the conventional school setting.”

There will be approximately 625 middle school students coming from Faiss, Canarelli, Silvestri, and Cashman Middle School. On Tuesday, Dec. 6, there will be around 700 elementary school students coming from Ries, Frias, Stuckey, and Wright Elementary School.

 “I feel like teaching kids about wound care is going to grab the students attention because it is something that isn’t taught regularly,” junior nursing student Trina Lehner said. “The students will be able to use what they are taught in real life and be able to help people out until the paramedics come and take over. These skills that we are teaching may help save a life one day.”

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