Girls Code Club aims to decrease gender gap Giving opportunities to females in different job clusters

Because girls are underrepresented in engineering, Girls Code Club will be starting in a few weeks to break the barrier between expectations of women and technology.

“My intent is to start next week if possible, or at least give out information about our first meeting,” Girls Code Club advisor Lori Griswold said. “I hope to see lots of girls involved within this club, as it is something worth learning about. During meetings I will not be your teacher, but rather a guide to help [you] for success.”

This club is a national organization that started in New York and made its way across the United States.

“Girls Code Club is a club designed for young ladies from middle school through high school to help them code for engineering,” Griswold said. “Even if they don’t want to pursue a career under engineering or computer science they can join for their own interest.”

Once the first official meeting is announced, future meetings will take place on Tuesdays from 2-4 p.m.

“Traditional computer science is underrated under certain demographics–mainly towards women,” Griswold said. “However, Girls Code Club targets these demographics in engineering and allows women to overcome this barrier.”

Girl students do not need prior experience in code to join this club–as all levels of knowledge in code are welcome.

“I think that this club is a good opportunity for girls within our campus,” junior Logan Grayson said. “Girls Code Club would help them obtain useful skills that they can apply to any occupation in the future.”

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