Google SketchUp competition tests skills

Google Inc. is holding a competition open to the public called “Model Your Town” that Mr. Craig Statucki’s classes are taking part in.

Google Inc. is currently holding a “Model Your Town” competition that requires the contestants to design and advertise 3D content, with the help of “Google SketchUp” and “Google Building Maker.” Mr. Craig Statucki, Video Game Design Program Leader, is encouraging every student to compete.

“I try to advertise as many different contests as possible to get them more exposed to what’s out there. It can give them an idea because it’s not necessarily video games they’re interested in,” Statucki says.

SWCTA student contestants have the option of working individually, but they plan to team up and work together on the project. Statucki is organizing meetings for students to come together and work on the model.

Statucki states, “I know that there’s some interior, engineering, and video game students who want to work on it. [These students] are probably going to start right after Thanksgiving break.”

Contestants have to complete an online entry form, abide by the official rules and follow the acceptance criteria standards in order to be eligible to win and be accepted to the Photorealistic 3D Building’s layer in Google Earth. Mrs. Debra Tomme, the CADD and Graphic Design teacher, also wants her CADD students to enter.

“I’m going to encourage my Advanced CADD class to enter the contest because it’s a great way for my students to use their SketchUp skills,” adds Tomme.

The winning 3D model town will receive  $25,000 that will be donated to the town’s school district or any school of their choice, a visit from the Google team and dinner with them, a YouTube video profile of the team and their town, a virtual tour of the town that will be showcased on Google Earth’s website, and online publicity through blog posts, twitter, and other medias on Google websites.

The deadline for submission is March 1, 2012. The five finalists, chosen by SketchUp experts, will be announced on March 15, 2012. From April 1- May 1, 2012 the public will decide the winner by online voting for the best 3D model. The winner will be revealed two weeks after voting ends. For more information on the competition, please visit