H building caters teacher luncheon Sandwiches from Smith's were served

Conducted by the School Climate Committee, teachers were able to participate in a monthly luncheon that took place in the ballroom.

“This was a new idea that the School Climate Committee came up with this year,” Social Studies teacher Elaina Nelson said. “Every month a different building hosts a teacher luncheon in the ballroom. For example, in November, B building was in charge of the food and supplies.”

Today, the H building teachers catered the lunch with sandwiches, desserts, and drinks.

“We planned on getting sandwiches from Smith’s and all other needed items from Costco,” Health Science teacher Lori Martinelli said. “This lunch is a great way for all the teachers to eat and talk together.”

All staff members were welcome to attend during first or second lunch.

“It’s nice to have lunch with all the other teachers because sometimes you get stuck in your own building,” Martinelli said. “Based on the other teacher lunches we had, everything was successful and it seemed that everyone enjoyed it.”

The latest event was the Dec. chili cook-off with the winner of Math teacher Ms. Kristin Landau.

“We got into different groups and brought in multiple items to make this event work,” Nelson said. “Overall, we all had a great time on a work day.”

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