Halloween costume contest next Wednesday; costumes prohibited Thursday

Fashion Design teacher Sheilah Petrosky organizes costume number labels for Wednesday's contest. The contest was planned in order to promote student creativity. "So many people around campus say there are not enough fun activities and that we always have to be professional, so this is just a fun way to show some of the creative stuff students come up with," Petrosky said.

To accommodate an industry tour through the school, the administration staff has decided to allow Halloween costumes on Wednesday, Oct. 28 instead of Thursday, Oct. 29.

“We are prohibiting costumes on Thursday, because we’re going to have a huge industry tour to showcase what makes our school so superior,” Principal Donna Levy said.

Traditional dress code policy will remain in effect on Wednesday. Additionally, students may not conceal their face beyond recognition.

“Whatever the costume is, it has to follow all the same guidelines we normally set. Also, no masks. Your face may be painted as long as we can recognize who you are,” Dean Sherrae Nelson said.

Additionally, there will be a costume contest among those who choose to participate for $1 entry. It will be conducted during Wednesday’s one lunch by the Cheerleading Group.

“I’m going to wear a one-piece dog costume. I’m really excited to wear it because it’s unusual and I love animals,” senior Kelly Bui said. “I’m not sure if I plan to enter the contest, but if I do, I think I might have a chance at winning.”