Health Science instructor Mrs. Donna Hatch accepts position at UMC

After two years of teaching freshmen and sophomores, Health Science instructor Mrs. Donna Hatch has accepted an offer to resume her position as an advanced respiratory care practitioner at University Medical Center. After semester one concludes on Jan. 15, she will relinquish her teaching services.

“I’m sad that Mrs. Hatch is leaving,” sophomore Melissa Yelverton said. “I feel like she was not only a teacher but a personal friend. I could tell she really cared about us and genuinely wanted the best for us.”

Before becoming a teacher, she served in the healthcare industry as a respiratory therapist.

“We will be extremely sorry to see Mrs. Hatch leave SWCTA,” Assistance Principal Trish Taylor said. “She has been a valuable member of our staff. She has had to make a difficult decision but one that is best for her family at this time. She will be missed.”

After relieving the services of Mrs. Jocelyn Jaen in 2014, administration offered Hatch an opportunity to fill the position, teaching Health Science and Human Diseases.

“I’m a parent to a student here, and I was presented with the dilemma of not having a Health Science teacher anymore,” Hatch said. “Being that I’m in healthcare, I was presented with the opportunity to become a teacher and give back to this wonderful school that has given our family so much. I decided to pursue a teaching career.”

While administration searches for a permanent replacement, a substitute will maintain the position until a new teacher is found.

“The toughest part is leaving all these students,” Hatch said. “They have touched my life in such an amazing and positive way. I’ll never forget them. I’ll be back here for their graduation and make sure that they’re good. I’ll be in the background, making sure that the next teacher has everything he or she needs to ensure my kids are okay.”