Seminar focusing on historical black colleges to be held next month

President of Kentucky State University to visit

Seminar focusing on historical black colleges to be held next month

Shareen Basyari and Jasmine Bobbins

For those interested in attending a historical black college, president of Kentucky State University (KSU) Christopher Brown will be visiting on Friday Feb. 15 with alumni to provide information to students who are interested.

“With Black History Month coming up, most [students] don’t know about the possibilities that are available to them,” Medical Sciences teacher Adrienne Brown said. “Hopefully, we can generate some interest into these schools and graduating students will be willing to leave Las Vegas.”

There are several opportunities for students to learn more about KSU–during both lunches, the last period of the day and after school. Students will be able to ask questions about the college  and seniors can apply for scholarships.

“As African Americans, we don’t know much about our culture and only know what our parents taught us,” Brown said. “HBCU’s specialize in teaching those things. [These schools] are even expanding their cultural classes to talk about the cultures of other students at the school because they are becoming more racially diverse.”

The after-school event is planned to take place on Friday, Feb. 15 in the Coyote Ballroom. Closer to the time of the event, emails and flyers will be sent out to the student body and the Las Vegas community. For any students that have questions, please see Ms. Brown in H121.

“I loved my experience when I attended an HBCU and I would do it all over again the exact same way,” Brown said. “It was an amazing experience–I built lifelong friendships and probably only have one friend from high school because the rest are from college.”

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