Homecoming Spirit Day 2: Tacky travelers compete in newspaper lunch game Students participate in themed festivities in honor of Homecoming

Scrambling to get into the safe zone are seniors Devin Wilbourne and Kenneth Wong. The objective of the game was to step around the papers on the floors with a partner. "The lunch games are honestly the best part of the Homecoming spirit week," Wong said.
Photo Credit: Emily Yu

For Homecoming Spirit Day two, Student Council promoted “Tacky Traveler” day and hosted two themed games during both lunches.

“It was awesome seeing everyone walking around campus in Hawaiian shirts and fanny packs for the spirit day,” junior Janeen Soria said.

The Safe Zone Game is an activity involving pairs; papers were placed on the floor and acted as “safe-zones.” All competing pairs must maneuver around them to win the game.

“I loved watching everyone try to get from place to place and struggle with their partner to be the winners,” senior Grace Petrykowski said.

First lunch winners: JaysaMia Barcelo-Dizon, Gillian Eastman, Kenny Wong, Devin Wilbourne

Second lunch winners: Heather Macias-Padron, Melia Bowles, Elizabeth Quezada

“My goal is to get the student body pumped for Homecoming and to increase participation. Hopefully, we achieve it,” Lunch games commissioner Lindsey Zangler said.

An additional lunch game, Chaotic Chair Game, was also held during both lunches. The object of the game is to switch seats with a player who is not beside them and one chair is removed after every round.

“Watching everyone play was a highlight of my week. Everyone was so excited and into the game. They may have been a little too into it though because some fell off their chairs,” Student Council member Madison Drozd said.

First lunch winner: Amatullah Aman

Second lunch winner: Jessica Zayas

“I hope the student body feels like they’re traveling to new places with this Homecoming theme,” Class of 2016 Treasurer Vahina Li said.