Homecoming week starts with nominations, “Bamboo Limbo” and a Zodiac themed Spirit Day.

To kick off the “A Journey to the Far East” themed Homecoming Spirit Week, Student Council hosted a “Zodiac Sign” spirit day, operated a “Bamboo Limbo” game during both lunches and announced the Homecoming Court.

“Even though I was outmatched by shorter opponents, I had fun during the limbo contest testing my flexibility and core strength,” senior Makaio Wakeley said.

Packages of candy were given out to the students who managed to stay in the limbo competition the longest.

“I had a pretty good advantage in the limbo game because of how short I was, so being able to last until the end and get some Nerds was a sweet victory,” senior Kiana Tangonan said.

In addition to the lunch games, students came dressed up as their Zodiac symbols for today’s spirit day.

“I painted my face today with constellations because I want to go all out this year during the spirit days,” senior Camryn Carr said.

Homecoming finalists were also released today on the morning show, with the top three girls and boys in each grade who had the most nominations from last week placed on the Homecoming Court.

Lord Chance Cain Kainnan Huey Zachary Kriethe
Lady Alexandra Betron Cici Gonzalez Alex Nguyen
Duke Noah Lopez Patrick Meneses Nathan Rightman
Duchess Alise Ferrante Phyllis Lee Hershey Tan
Prince Efrain Galvan Michael Spenser Shawn Wang
Princess Rianne Lu Jayda Medeiros Benedicte Rubangera
King JC Comahig Greg Cruz Seth Scoville
Queen Wendy Feng Sydney Lapira Hanna Tan

“I feel overjoyed that I was nominated by my friends and fellow peers because I didn’t expect myself to be chosen as the top three due to how many people ran against me,” sophomore Ann Hershey Tan said.

Tomorrow’s spirit day will be “Tacky Traveler” day. Students should come to school dressed up as a tourist or a cliché traveler to participate in the spirit day.

“I plan to show up to school tomorrow with a Hawaiian shirt and a cheap camera to take part in ‘Tacky Tourist’ day,” junior Nicholas Tan said.