HOSA blood drive aims to help Hurricane Harvey Volunteers older than 17 were allowed to participate

Donating blood, English teacher Samantha Yoder went to the United Blood Services blood drive bus in the morning. On Sept. 7 HOSA hosted the annual blood drive in collaboration with the United Blood Services. "It was a good experience," Yoder said. "I'm grateful for HOSA and Mrs. Smith for making it easy." Photo Credit: Charli Gisi

In collaboration with the United Blood Services, HOSA hosted the annual blood drive for the seventh year yesterday. Due to the recent damages caused by Hurricane Harvey, the extra pints of blood will be donated to help those who impacted by the storm.

“They are in short blood supply down there because people haven’t been able to go in and donate blood since those blood centers are closed,” HOSA advisor Vicki Smith said. “So we [really] need [as many] donors this year.”

To participate in this drive, donors were required to be 17 years or older with a certain weight and height requirement. Students who met the requirements were scheduled a time to go to the blood drive truck.

“I decided to donate this year because I wanted to help out with our community,” HOSA President Rosalia Sedano said. “I know Las Vegas has a blood shortage and I want to help as much as I can with that.”

Snacks were provided for the donors before they went into the blood drive bus to increase their blood sugar and help avoid dizziness. In total, 39 bags of blood were donated.

“They had full sized rice crispy treats and pretzels,” senior Roseilia Sedano said. “I didn’t expect there to be snacks though, so I thought it was pretty cool to add in.”

According to the American Red Cross, donated blood has a storage life of 42 days. However, the platelets in the blood only last for 5 days while frozen plasma lasts up for a year. When the blood is donated to the United Blood Services, it takes a total of two test days to check all the donated blood. 

“The people who are in need of blood in the hospitals and other facilities are the ones who benefit in this blood drive,” senior Blood Drive Chairman Jamie Alfonzo said. “By donating blood you could save three lives, so think about the end result and how you’ll be able to help other people too by just donating.”

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