HOSA exceeds monthly donation goal 60 units donated in five hour period

Future Health Professionals (HOSA) and Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) members intended to have 40 units of blood donated to their first blood drive of the year. However, they exceeded this goal, receiving nearly 60 units of blood.

“I love my job, its very fun,” Jeffrey Embry, phlebotomist, said. “We’re helping out the community– it’s a low stress job. Most of the people that come in are in a good mood. They’re trying to come in and do a good thing. I’ve been a blood donor since high school, started when I was 17 and now I work as a phlebotomist.”

The blood drive was conducted by United Blood Services Thursday Sept, 22 from 7a.m. to noon.

“To be honest this is my first time donating blood and I’m really scared,” senior Isabel Hernandez said. “I’m terrified of needles but I thought this would be a fun experience.”

To ensure safety during the process all participants had to be 17 years of age or older and meet the height and weight requirements.

“I’m donating blood today for family purposes,” senior Jada Sukaneeyouth said. “I’m so scared because this is my first time donating but it’s for family.”

Two more blood drives will be held later during the school year. They are scheduled for Jan. 26 and May 22.

“Once you go through a blood transfusion and you realize that it saved your life, your whole idea of why we do this, what little pain’s involved and you save four people’s lives, your whole philosophy changes,” Respiratory Therapy program leader Vicki Smith said. “A while back I had an accident and I needed four units of blood. That means four people donated blood and saved my life. I need to give back.”

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