HOSA prepares for annual Halloween party Select few able to sign up for work day

In preparation for their annual Halloween party, the Future Health Professionals of America club is having a work day this Thursday, Oct. 20, from 1:30 – 3 p.m.. The work day will take place in HOSA adviser Vicki Smith’s room, H123 and 25 students have been chosen to help with HOSA activities for the upcoming week.

“This is being held to help HOSA out with big projects,” junior Rosalia Sedano said. “As a chapter, we must work together to get the job done.”

The first 25 members who signed up during last week’s meeting will be admitted into the work day. The number of students admitted was decided based on the estimated amount of work that needs to be completed.

“We don’t want an overcrowding of members,” Orozco said. “But we need enough people to help with the amount of work.”

Members will prepare for a number of activities during the work day.

“We’re going to have members help create posters and work on HOSA Week items,” Sedano said. “Along with this, participants will socialize with new and returning members.”

The party, which is also a potluck, will be held in the cafeteria and is open to all members.

“This [Halloween Party] is the highlight of the first quarter and is largely anticipated by our members,” Orozco said.

At the party, HOSA members are invited to eat, socialize and take part in dressing up for the fall holiday.

“It really allows members to connect while celebrating Halloween, the end of the quarter and all the efforts thus far for the club,” Orozco said.