Hospitality seniors to host second monthly luncheon The event is scheduled to take place on Feb. 25

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the hospitality seniors are hosting a”Heart to Heart” themed luncheon on Feb. 25 in the Coyote Ballroom during both lunches.

“The money is going towards the hospitality department and to get our name out there,” Hospitality and Tourism Program Leader (PL) Mrs. Catherine Viggato said. “We’re raising money for future expenses in the department such as field trips.”

Tickets for the luncheon are $7 and went on sale today. Interested students may purchase their tickets from the banker or from a hospitality senior during both lunches.

“We put a lot of time and thought in to making this event for the student body so I hope it’s successful,” senior Brittany Grossi said.

The luncheon will include a build your own spaghetti dish, salad, bread rolls, red velvet cupcakes, home made gelato, fruit punch or water.

“The menu sounds really delicious, so I hope it attracts people to try and come,” senior Adrianna Willeford said.

The goal for this luncheon is to sell 120 tickets. The first luncheon held on Jan. 25, sold 40 tickets.

“I hope we raise enough money to fund future field trips for the next classes,” senior Amanuel Ghebremicael said.