Hot Chelle Rae perform live concert on campus

Hot Chelle Rae vocalist Ryan Follesé performs during the SWCTA assembly. The band came as a reward for the Freshman Studies students winning the Flip the Script contest.
Photo Credit: Southwest Shadow Staff

On Nov. 21, 2011, over 1400 SWCTA students enjoyed a live concert in the gym from pop band Hot Chelle Rae.

“They were better than I expected. They did a great job and they were amazing!” comments Courtney Downs, senior.

As they entered the gymnasium, students screamed their lungs out for Hot Chelle Rae. The band performed songs including “Honestly,” “Beautiful Freak,” “Tonight Tonight,” and their most recent song “I Like It Like That.” A cover of Katy Perry’s song “Teenage Dream” was also a surprising addition to the setlist.

“They were very good and I liked it. It was very unexpected, and I thought they were going to only do one song,” says Keilah Gonatice, sophomore.

In October, KLUC partnered with Flip the Script and initiated a contest for an anti-bullying campaign. In order to win, Freshman Studies teacher Mrs. Laura Penrod submitted segments to KLUC of their anti-bullying PBL to show their initiative in maintaining a bully-free school. The student body then pledged for SWCTA’s campaign on KLUC’s website.

“[The contest] definitely taught me more about bullying and how the victim feels. We accomplished something and it was for a good cause,” says Rediet Ayele, freshman.

Last night, Hot Chelle Rae received an AMA award for Best New Artist. The Southwest Shadow would like to thank Flip the Script, 98.5 KLUC, and Hot Chelle Rae for recognizing the importance of anti-bullying.