Desert Chipmunks habitat upgraded Fashion teacher adds to quad environment

After noticing chipmunks scurrying across campus in the early mornings, Fashion teacher Shannon Sheldon decided to purchase home decorations to add on to their shelter.

“About two weeks ago, I noticed that there are tons of chipmunks running [around] school the the mornings,” Sheldon said. “So I decided to be their personal gardener and renovate some rocks on campus.”

The new decorations were placed near the ‘E building’ after Sheldon purchased home decor for the chipmunks.

“I never noticed the new home designs that were being put up,” junior Shelbi Watson said. “Since it was pointed out to me I’m definitely surprised that someone put in the effort to do this.”

Decoration costs are minimal and she is currently funding the pricing of the shelters. Sheldon hopes that students will contribute to the chipmunk’s new habitat.

“The decorations were about $5 for each hole or shelter,” Sheldon said. “I usually take inspiration from fairy houses and nome statues when I go out and purchase furnishing.”

As the upcoming holidays arrive, Sheldon plans to decorate the shelters in a festive manner.

“I just thought this was something creative to do for our school–and for the chipmunks,” Sheldon said. “I’m definitely excited for the holidays so that I can come up with different decoration themes.”

This isn’t the first time strange decor has been placed in the quad. Last year, Spanish teacher Mr. Gordon Thomas and Computer teacher Mr. Jeffery Ball built a “Doctor Who” door and placed it outside for students to take pictures with.

“I would say that there are some pretty odd things that go in the quad,” junior Allysha Melocoton said. “I never knew what the Doctor Who door was until it was placed outside. So I would say our school does some wacky stuff.”

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