The Howl staff raises yearbook price 65% of copies have been sold

The Howl’s 2016-2017 yearbook price goes up to $100 on Oct. 7 for students who are interested in making a purchase.

“The yearbook is the most important purchase a student will buy each year,” Journalism advisor Matthew LaPorte said. “It’s more important than shoes or coffee because those things do not last, nor do they hold personal value. Yearbooks are keepers of your story.”

The yearbook is at its lowest price of $90, but the price will increase throughout the year. Students are able to make a $10 downpayment to any journalism staff member or the banker.

“It’s important to give the students the yearbook at the lowest price because some kids will have a better chance to buy it,” Howl staff member Joao Gomes said. “Not everyone is able to pay over $100, but $10 a month for nine months is pretty reasonable since we spend most of our school year working on it.”

“Because.” is the theme for the 2016-2017 school yearbook, which represents a student’s inspiration to come to our school.

“We really wanted to get in depth with everyone’s story,” Editor-in-Chief Russel Valdez said. “We wanted to know everyone’s cause for coming to Southwest and what influenced them to stay.”

The book is 240 pages, full color and will feature student activities, academics and events from Feb. 2016 to March 2017. Yearbooks will be delivered in May.

“I understand that $90 can seem expensive, but if you think about the content inside the yearbook, the money becomes worth it,” Howl business manager Justine Ho said. “You are guaranteed beautiful content and coverage on major events like dances and unexpected events that occur each year. A book itself can hold so many precious memories worth remembering.”

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