The Howl Staff hosts first signing party in four years $5 admission fee for all students

The Howl Yearbook staff will be hosting a yearbook signing party on May 18 in the cafeteria.

“I really hope many people go to the signing party because it’s a good excuse to hang out with your friends and write in each others’ yearbooks,” Editor-in-Chief Tami Navarro said. “Especially when they get water, a Sharpie, pizza and the book a week early. Yearbook and Journalism in general don’t get a lot of recognition for the hard work we do, but we still work hard anyways because it’s for the student body.”

The cost of the signing party is $5, which will pay for a black Sharpie, two slices of pizza and water. Students interested in attending the party can purchase a ticket from any Journalism student.

“Having a signing party benefits everyone,” Copy and Caption Editor Miruel Talaro said. “Now we won’t have to sign yearbooks during class, and we can just enjoy the book at our own pace. I’ve been looking forward to having a signing party and I’m glad we’re doing one this year; the fact that we get food, water, and pizzas is a nice bonus, too.”

Attending seniors will report to their seventh period class and receive a pass to attend the signing party. The underclassman signing party will be from 1:30 to 4 p.m.

“I’m glad seniors get an exclusive signing party during 7th period,” senior Calida Tam said. ” It’s another event for seniors only and it feels nice to just have our class together. Plus, we usually don’t have the chance to sign each others’ yearbooks at school without getting in trouble or being on a time crunch. I know some people that won’t be able to make it to Senior Sunset and this could be a chance to spend some free time with them and have them sign my yearbook without rushing.”

In addition, signing pages will be available for sale for $3 during the party. Yearbook covers will be sold for $5.

“I’m excited for the yearbook to come because that’s when it really feels like it’s the end of the year,” junior Kyle Omega said. “The Sharpie, pizza and water sounds like a really good deal for $5 too. It will be fun to be around your friends and spend some quality time before the year is over.”